SAP’s new database platform S/4 Hana

I started my SAP learning journey beginning of year 2010. SAP is a great enterprise solution, tightly integrated, highly customizable, and powerful solution which is the core system for many large to small size corporations. As an enthusistic learner, and lover of technology I have explored many different technology solutions and SAP Hana is my latest exploration.

It is important to understand the underlying reason for SAP to come up with S/4Hana. New cloud technologies, and Big Data analytics are changing Information Technology markets rapidly and SAP understood it is just as important now to recognize the potential real time data analysis approach to business as well as market. Over the past years SAP have already enabled businesses to collect data, and straighten up their processes to run their businesses. And now with S/4 Hana SAP is giving the companies tools to analyze these transactional data real time and make decisions quickly.

My current employer decided to migrate S/4 Hana and as a result we had studied together what would be the upgrade challenges. In doing so, we discovered the option of doing the proof of concept in the cloud. Another option is to buy Hana hardward to do proof of concept, and development work. It was exciting to learn that S/4 Hana comes with lots of Fiori Applications as well.

How Hana is different from new types of Document DB like Hadoop, Cassandra, or MongoDB? Well, all these databases are very good at handling different types of data and large sets of data. However, transactional database is also an essential component to run businesses. Business requires audit capabilities for their data, and ACID compliancy is important for businesses. HANA is an ACID compliant, transactional, in-memory database which is also good at real time data analysis.

However, realtime transactional database analysis and in memory computing comes with a price. SAP S/4 Hana hardware cost lots of money, and when you are upgrading you need similar kinds of hardware for your production system, quality system, and development system as well. And if the business needs to maintain their current production landscape than these additional hardware cost during upgrade can cost more for businesses.

More about S/4 Hana, Fiori, UI5, and other web development technologies coming soon.